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Download the ‘Technology’ edition of ‘iLook iThink iSpeak – English Practice’ for free!

We have just uploaded 3 new editions of our ‘iLook iThink iSpeak – English Practice’ series to the Apple iBookstore.They are ‘Technology’, ‘Society’ and ‘Leisure’, the three different sections that are in the complete ‘Vol 1’.And the first, Technology, is available as a free download. Go get it here(If you click on the image you can see inside via a book2look biblet) 


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Using ‘biblets’

As we all know, just publishing a book doesn’t mean that you’re in fact going to sell any. After all the hard work of producing a publishable book, comes what is perhaps the even harder part – the promotion of your cherished creation.

There is an interesting marketing tool available at Here you can create interactive widgets, called ‘biblets’, that allow potential readers to see inside your book and to follow links to where it is on sale. You have to register to be able to start creating ‘biblets’ and it is highly recommended that you read all the instructions on how to create the ‘biblets’ first. If you do this, it’s fairly easy to make an interesting tool that can help get your books known out there.

Once the ‘biblet’ has been created it is visible on the book2look website. The biblet contains links and code for embedding it wherever you choose. But the best part, of course, is that readers can see right inside and turn the pages – a big bonus if you have created an especially attractive publication. An interesting tool that is designed for use on social networks, websites and emails. Give it a go!

We created a ‘biblet’ of the latest edition of our ‘iLook iThink iSpeak – English Practice’ series of enriched ebooks, here is the link to the page it is hosted at.

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Zapa iBooks publishes its first enriched ebook!

Zapa iBooks has published its first book, ‘iLook iThink iSpeak – English Practice – vol 1’. It’s an ebook for studying English as a Second Language (ESL/EFL) aimed at both students and trainers. As an enriched ebook for the iPad, it incorporates interactive resources such as photos, videos, audios, presentations, glossaries and interactive activities, that make it much more useful and enjoyable to use than a standard book. Click here to download a sample or to buy a copy from Apple’s iBookstore.